Nearly 80 new UK businesses were registered per hour in the first half of 2021

An astonishing 835,494 new businesses were registered in 2020, 41% up on 2019

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Unlock the Secret

We make a pretty bold statement at the top of our website ‘Unlock the secrets behind every successful business, along with their owners and every self-made billionaire’. And we stand by this, what we will be showing you is the knowledge that successful business people have, and importantly ideas of how you can implement them into your own business. This is not a recipe for instant success, it will take hard work and a determination to succeed, however without the knowledge and understand of; Marketing, Branding along with Sales Techniques you will be a huge step further in being a success, and who knows where you will end up.

Our holistic approach to Marketing

If you read the section Unlock the Secret, you will see that we are providing small business owners with the knowledge and understanding of the 3 key elements to create a successful business. However, creating a business that is ‘fit for purpose’ is only part of the story, there will be so many other parts of your business that will also need attention and there may be other skills and knowledge you will pick up throughout your journey. It’s true what they say “everyday is a school day”. But again this is not addressing the most mission critical part of the business, and that’s YOU!


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Access Industry Experts

Once you begin your online course, you will immediately gain access to a team of industry experts who will be able to answer specific Marketing, Branding and Sales questions you may have. Here you are accessing a panel of industry experts who will provide answers and sign-post you to obtain further help if required. The principal authors have been recognised with prestigious Fellowships with both CIM Chartered Institute of Marketed along with the IDM Institute of Data & Digital Marketing.

Access up to 50% Funding

Marketing for SME’s and Start-ups is a business function that has been identified as ‘critical’ to the success or failure of a business. Therefore, we have teamed up to access funding from various sources including HNW High Net Worth individuals who want to ‘give back’ to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Now you may ask, why would they do this? Well, the answer is simple, it is not for monetary gain, it is simply that they have a vested interest in making sure that our economy thrives.

Marketing Essentials

This Marketing Essentials course has been specifically designed to provide an invaluable advantage for SME’s and Start-ups. It is based on over 40+ years’ practical experience working with both major blue-chip organisation through to start-ups and embryonic/fledgling businesses.

The course contains 18 informative, easy to follow videos that guide you through every aspect of Marketing, Branding and the secret behind all successful firms. Split into 3 modules and covering over 3 hours’ worth of material, you can choose the sections that you need, or for best results work through the entire course.

Module 1 – How do you define Marketing?

Part 1 – What is Marketing?

In this opening part we demystify the entire concept of Marketing and we show you how to implement this within your business.


Run time 14:41

PDF Course Notes, 1,923 words

Practical Activity

Part 2 – Why is Marketing so important?

Throughout the course we use real-life examples of how businesses have successfully used Marketing and why it is so crucial.

Run time 09:05

PDF Course Notes, 992 words

Practical Activity

Part 3, Section 1 – Maintaining a Profitable Business

Without heathy profits our businesses will simply fail. In this video we dive into the various ways to calculate profits and how to find our ‘Heroes’.

Run time 08:06

PDF Course Notes, 1,136 words

Practical Activity

Part 3, Section 2 – Business Development

Here we focus on how to develop our existing market and ensure that we are promoting our most profitable lines whilst always looking for new markets.

    Run time 06:59

    PDF Course Notes, 933 words

    Practical Activity

    Part 3, Section 3 – Efficiencies – working smarter not harder

    Making sure we work efficiently is critical, as business owners we need to ensure all areas of our businesses are functioning correctly.

    Run time 11:13

    PDF Course Notes, 1,558 words

    Practical Activity

    Part 4 – Ensuring you maintain control

    As our businesses grow, there is a danger that some areas may lack focus or management. In this video we provide tips on how grow without the risks.

    Run time 07:42

    PDF Course Notes, 1,085 words

    Practical Activity

    Part 5 – Your Mission Statement

    First impressions may be that as SME’s & Start-ups, this is not needed, however it can prove to be invaluable as it sets the standards we demand.

      Run time 10:15

      PDF Course Notes, 1,409 words

      Practical Activity

      Module 2 – Branding is much more than your Logo!

      Part 1, Section 1 – What is branding?

      Branding is another area of Marketing that is shrouded in mystery. Here we dissect the various parts of Branding and we use each part.

        Run time 07:44

        PDF Course Notes, 975 words

        Practical Activity

        Part 1, Section 2 – Brand Values

        We want and need our customers to understand why we are the best. Brand Values deals with this most critical part Marketing… what our customers think.

        Run time 10:45

        PDF Course Notes, 1,290 words

        Practical Activity

        Part 2 – Brand Reputation

        Following on, here we dive into reputation and the importance of developing positive values that go on to build our reputation.

        Run time 08:02

        PDF Course Notes, 1,027 words

        Practical Activity

        Part 3 – Branding Winners & Loosers

        This video is packed with real-life examples of how businesses win and fail. It doesn’t matter how big you are, you are still at risk.

            Run time 11:03

            PDF Course Notes, 1,269 words

            Practical Activity

            Part 4 – How to create Brand Loyalty with a focus on Quality

            This really is a ‘win-win’, we show you how to enhance your Brand whilst improving your business, this was voted ‘most useful’ section.

              Run time 08:03

              PDF Course Notes, 1,150 words

              Practical Activity

              Part 5 – A closer look at your Branding

              OK we have explained the intricacies of Branding, in this video we look at how to implement them into your own business.

                Run time 14:13

                PDF Course Notes, 1,923 words

                Practical Activity

                Module 3 – Marketing & Sales the Hidden Techniques

                Part 1 –  What is FAB

                Here we reveal the secret behind all successful Marketing, Advertising and Sales. We show how this technique works irrelevant of product or service and in any format.

                  Run time 11:30

                  PDF Course Notes, 1,585 words

                  Practical Activity

                  Part 2 – Examples of FAB in Marketing

                  Now that we understand the principles of FAB it’s time to have a look at how brands use these within Advertising, which is a form of selling.

                  Run time 11:54

                  PDF Course Notes, 1,315 words

                  Practical Activity

                  Part 3 – Examples of FAB selling

                  Continuing to illustrate the power of FAB, in this video we show how to apply this technique and skills to sell some tricky products.

                  Run time 10:38

                  PDF Course Notes, 1,480 words

                  Practical Activity

                  Part 4 – The importance of Need

                  In this video we show you the power of language, and how by changing one word we can significantly alter the results in our favour.

                      Run time 06:29

                      PDF Course Notes, 904 words

                      Practical Activity

                      Part 5 – USP vs UPB

                      In this final video we challenge conventional thinking by showing there is a far better to define your offering ‘Unique Selling Point’ is finished.

                        Run time 08:14

                        PDF Course Notes, 1,160 words

                        Practical Activity

                        “It completely changed how we do business”

                        It is understandable that there would be a degree of scepticism if we claimed that our online course would revolutionise your business. So, we thought that we would let our clients tell you in their own words. *comments taken from the feedback forms.

                        Darren Melia - Sureseal Windows

                        “I wasn’t sure that this would benefit my business as we have been operating for over 25 years, we wanted to obtain more sales but we couldn’t decide the best way promote our ourselves” “I wanted to do every part of the course and I am so glad we did as it opened our eyes, it will completely change how we do business going forward, in short it is utterly brilliant and worth the investment in time”.

                        “I didn’t know what marketing was all about, I do now and you’re right it’s a mindset”

                        “It’s rear that you find something that really opens your eyes and changes the way you look at things in business. I loved the way each video explained things and had practical examples. I didn’t know what marketing was all about, I do now and you’re right it’s a mindset”.

                        Nicci Coffey – Fairway Energy

                        “So much invaluable information and all in one place”

                        “We started our own business in the summer of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, we didn’t understand marketing so a course like this appealing, we picked up so much invaluable information and all in one place, it’s great that we can dip in again as a refresher and the documents are a great help”.

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